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That’s a Beautiful Junkyard…

I am moving house tomorrow. It’s pretty crazy around here with all the boxes, packing and things all over the place…

I know what you’re thinking, actually wondering-what the hell am I doing writing a blog when I ought to be packing…Don’t leave yet. Read on and you’ll see why I am writing this blog in the middle of this madness.

Moving Home, Spring Cleaning or Simply getting rid of junk


For all those who shudder at the thought of moving home because it’s unthinkable-  it’s because of all the junk that you have accumulated over the years (not all of it but most of it), here it is…DON’T WAIT TO MOVE, TO CLEAR OUT YOUR JUNK!

Those who love moving, setting up a house and don’t mind the change then this is another opportunity to clear up the mess…

Creating Memories or Clutter?


Over a period of time, without realizing, our homes become warehouses of junk- some homes have it displayed and don’t care and others ensure that it’s behind closed doors or at least beautified. BUT all homes most certainly have it! It slowly encroaches every available space in your house like tentacles and everything that REALLY matters-  like you and the things you need,  manage to survive in the remaining available space.

First the store room, then the wardrobes, the drawers, suitcases, storage boxes get filled- old product manuals, grocery bills, receipts, credit card statements, account statements,  electronics that don’t work or are outdated, toys and clothes that the kids have outgrown or are out of fashion get pushed to the top of the cupboard, old books, extra curtains, bedspreads (you buy new ones because the old is old but you don’t replace it, you just add on to it because you never know when you might need it; even if it’s once in 5 years!)expired cosmetics, incomplete accessories …I am not sure what it is but we find it easier to throw food but find it difficult to throw away non-degradable items that have absolutely no value. It’s like a mental disease and we are all inflicted! We store unused items for years on end hoping to use it some day ,but the hard truth is, that day never really comes or comes for one out of those thousands of items and that too after many, many years. We have been taught to save, to take care of things, to accumulate but we have never been taught to throw away, to let go!!!

It’s not as though we are staying in those sprawling country homes where space is one’s least concern and trunks and trunks of unused items simply find their way to the attic, the basement or the garage…

Unfortunately, we live in the city where space is both limited and expensive. Yet, we hoard!

Clearing Stuff…

clutter 2.jpg

Emotional Baggage

I look around me- a bag of old photographs (they would have to stay), a bag full of cards and letters that my husband had written to me when we were courting (when was the last time I had gone through them-before the kids came along- 16 years ago!). I couldn’t throw them out, maybe I would read them one day- when the kids left the nest… then there were my kids’ first birthday dress, their first note-book (their writing was beautiful), their graduation cloak when they moved from kindergarten to Primary, a few of my mom’s saris that hung in my wardrobe and made me feel like she was still around…the list is endless!

The Right Decision


Stuck in a rut, I decided to ask my daughter “Do you need this jacket? Does it fit you?”. “No” she said unhesitant, momentarily looking up from the book she was reading. “But you like it right? It’s your first woolen jacket – your favorite color. You loved it when you were little”, I implored, half hoping she felt connected to it; like I did. “I don’t have feelings for it mama. You can give it away. It will help some kid in a refugee camp,in the winter” she answered, with no ounce of doubt.  On seeing the startled look on my face, she said, slightly confused, “But that’s what you and dad always say right? That we must help people…”. Not waiting for me to answer, she continued her reading.

Wow! In a moment she took away any doubt I previously had. I looked back at the jacket, feeling rather small and embarrassed.That’s when I took the decision. It had to go and along with it a lot of other things that had not been used or that were replaced.  Packing to move had suddenly become simple minus all the emotional baggage!

If there’s something that you are not using or haven’t used for over a year, you probably don’t need it. But there are lots of people out there who desperately do. Giving it away doesn’t cost anything but will help you get more space and bring a smile to somebody’s lips, somebody who truly needs your junk and will make good use of it too!!!

Look around you

We all know there are millions  who don’t have a decent dress or walk miles without slippers or shoes, don’t have a sheet to keep out the cold and desperately need it. We all want to help but just don’t know how to or how much to. Without dishing out cash…all we need to do is to give away things that we don’t need or don’t use or are bored of using.

You’ll be surprised how many people you end up helping just by wanting to help yourself.

So what are you waiting for- Clear the clutter , 1 drawer at a time and create smiles 🙂



YOUR INDIFFERENCE MATTERS!!! YOUR JUNK MAYBE SOMEBODY’S TREASURE or Just their chance to a little comfort, a little warmth, a little ease, that you are blessed abundantly with!

Send the message around and spread the love…

Writing this blog has helped me and it’s definitely helped someone out there- now I have more boxes moving out but not into the new house 🙂

I hope you reading this blog will make a difference in somebody’s life today…












  1. Well said as always Smitha. I am not adventurous like u to move houses, but do make it a point to clear out things every summer. It’s unbelievable how much we can recycle or donate. It makes the kids feel good about it too.


    • Thanks Kiran. I totally agree with you on the need to recycle and give away. We do it here regularly, yet when you are actually moving you see the number of things that are still there and shouldn’t be. I hope we can start a chain reaction and have more people simply give away the excess unused stuff!!!


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