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The Speaker’s Ordeal…

via Daily Prompt: Dilemma

This poem is for anybody frightened of public speaking. Preparation, Practise, Perseverance is what all good speakers do. You can too!!!


The room is full, the lights are bright,

A silence, like the dead of night,

They gauge me with piercing eyes,

A cough here, a sneeze there, the shuffling of a chair,

To look up I do not dare…

I am in a dilemma.


Eyebrows raised, furrowed forehead,

A stillness like the dead,

They size me up with growing disconcert,

A whisper here, a frown there, the pounding of my heart,

A shiver runs through, a drop of sweat trickles too, I must start…

My mouth dry, my palms wet, the continuation of a dilemma.


Stomach churning, ears on fire,

To speak with clarity, I aspire,

They hear me with rapt attention,

A pause here, a nod there, the steady drowning of my fear,

My voice resonating, loud and clear…

Would they mock, would they sneer, still a dilemma!


The end, a deep satisfaction,

Had fought my inner battle, reached my destination,

They watch me with smiling eyes,

A cheer here, a applause there, my pulse restoring,

Fear dispelled,  my spirits soaring,

End of the dilemma…


The applause recedes, silence returns,

Tis’ the next speaker’s turn,

They watch him with attentive eyes,

A cough here, a sneeze there, the shuffling of a chair,

To look around, now I dare.

Wondering what was the  dilemma?


No opinion too naïve, no stage too small,

No man free of fear, no fear so tall,

An audience just an audience ,

A failure here, a success there, the growing of a confidence,

Speak, Question, tis your right,

Just don’t give up without a fight!



  1. Th can happen to anyone who is to face a gathering before whom he or she has to make a speech. But can i relate this to your own experience at the college or at your office?


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