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A Mother’s Promise

via Daily Prompt: Promises

I started this poem when my children were little when one was three and the other was one…I have completed it now while they are in their teens and preteens.

The feelings are different.They are at an age when they argue, rebel and roll their eyes but are yet to reach the age when they will understand why a mother does what she does or says what she says. I know one day they will, just like I did…

This poem is also a tribute to my mother who put up through all our whims and attitude and made me and my sister what we are today. Thanks Ma for everything. Hope to be half the mother she was…

As I watch you grow,

There are many a things that I do not know,

The future that lies ahead of you,

Who you will be, your point of view…

I will strive to give you the best,

To raise you, to withstand life’s test,

Respect, Honesty, Courage, I sow the seeds,

Love, Kindness, Sincerity, I  string the beads…

A beautiful blessing, a blank slate,

What I write on you, will determine your fate,

With patience I endeavor to answer every question,

To aim to listen to you with rapt attention…

To spread your wing, you will dare,

Your anger, your hatred, will be mine to bear,

Many a time, my patience may run dry,

To nurture, to hold on and to understand you I will have to try…

I have my fears, I will not lie,

You cannot be perfect, neither am I,

My only aspiration to make you strong,

To be able to judge right from wrong…

You will fall, you will rise again, you will stand the tide,

Through tears and smiles, I will be by your side…

Your best friend, your biggest critic, your  benevolent enemy,

I know one day the love you will see;

You may call me a monster,

I am your Mother!

For you I promise to don any role,

Your happiness and integrity,  food for my soul…


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