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A walk at dawn…

I step out of the cozy warmth of the indoors,

Into the dark, at the break of dawn,

A wisp of the chill, morning breeze, caresses my face,

And brings with it, a myriad sensations-

The smell of the still damp earth,

The sweet, sharp scents of the Champa and the Jatropha,

So fresh,so pure, so raw…

I tread carefully onto the pavement,

Covered with pink and red flowers of the bougainvillea and Gulmohar ,

Hands warm in my pockets,  I begin my morning walk…

At the end of the little lane, I take a turn,

And come upon a patch of dew-drop kissed green,

Where white spider-lilies line the pavement,

And yellow street lamps warmly glow,

A empty yellow school bus passes by, it’s lights gleaming,

A brown, furry cat watches on, undisturbed by my entrance,

The newspaper boy cycles past, breaking the silence,

The buzzing sound of the crickets and cicadas, continuing…

In the distance I see the petunias, purple and red,

Their tender petals dancing,

And gratitude fills my heart,

Energizes every cell and nourishes the soul.

Now there is a stirring in the trees, the Mynas and Larks are chirping,

A wake-up call of a bright new day.

I take a turn to head back home,

And catch the first rays of the golden yellow sun amidst the glass and concrete buildings,

Behind the tall cranes lining the blue-gray skies

Before me I see a warm, golden, glow;

Enveloping it all, in an embrace, it rises- surely and steadily.

I stand watching inconspicuous; at the splendor,

And there fleetingly in a second, I whisper a silent prayer,

Indebted for that moment, another day, another morning.


Everyday is a blessing and a early morning walk is one of those joys, moments of sheer bliss that is immeasurable. Only one who has experienced it, knows the wealth of peace and tranquility, it provides.

Just watching the sun rise and seeing the enormity of it all, makes every other trouble insignificant.

I have felt the same in every country I have visited-dawn is the most beautiful time of day and watching the sun rise is a simply precious and healing experience. Yet, I find myself alone with only a few others enjoying this abundant treasure, in a otherwise populated city full of people who complain of  stress and burn out.

The simple pleasures of life are available to all, everyday and don’t cost a dime.Yet very few avail of it. Others think they need a holiday and to spend loads to enjoy that what is just outside their door. All one needs to do is take the opportunity.

Have a great day!



    • Thank you so much. Am so happy you enjoyed the posts ‘coz I love the way you write. And yes, Reader can ve overwhelming. I feel It throws so much at me that I often miss the ones that I’d like to read. You too have a wonderful day😊

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Lovely poem smitha…dawn is indeed the most precious time of the day..a time to reflect n pray for being alive and witness yet another day in our life..


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