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Nature, heals all!

I wake up,

My mind a blank slate,

My heart, a placid state, 

The pillows still damp…
I gently tip-toe,

 The sound of the ocean beckons,

A  drizzle, my drowsy eye awakens,

 The waves rising, falling and rising again…
Standing still, at the shores,

Before me, I see a hundred shades of grey,

A thousand hues more,  to unfold, some other day, 

“When you are  ready!” – it says subtly…

I close my eyes now and breathe,

A glow, mellow, distant, makes it’s way,

Silently, a bird soars, following  the first ray,

Higher and higher it goes, with it my spirits rise…
I will fall yet again, I am aware,

To rise again , I will dare,

There will be cheers and there will be tears, 

And a promise to fight my deepest fears…


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