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A wish for the New Year

I bid goodbye to the year gone by,

Glimpses of  the past flash in my mind’s eye,

Many a moment that made me sigh,

And many, that made me question ‘ why?’

In the name of religion, many a rift,

Away from humanity we did slowly drift,

From tolerance we effortlessly made the shift,

Taking for granted freedom -life’s precious gift,

Now at the brink of a New Year,

Let us together end the Fear,

And make an attempt to wipe every tear,

Beginning  at first with those who are near,

May every man enjoy his right,

Of the distressed, let us not lose sight,

Against any wrong,  let us put up a fight,

Each in his own way, help spread the light,

Not one man’s trouble, but all ours together,

Every Leader bring to book those that dither,

May Peace prevail and Evil wither,

Bless every Nation with freedom forever…


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