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NaPoWriMo: Day 1 – Night by the sea…


50 pairs of feet walked in hushed silence,

In the dead of night,

Guided by the moonlight,

Not a whisper…


The night was black,

The moon shone brightly,

The waves rose and fell,

The surf white…


And there was a movement…

Slowly, steadily, a giant turtle emerged from the sea,

Sea gulls and night herons cried,

Circling above, they watched her every step…


Strenuously she dragged herself to the shore,

Aware of the eyes that followed her,

Slowly and steadily she dug a pit,

Her flippers at work, the sand a heap over her, she lowered herself …



Away from the birds of prey,

Away from the predators…

The time had come,

That a new life be created…



One by one, a hundred eggs dropped,

Fifty pairs of eyes watched in awe,

Old and young stared in wonder,

At the miracle of life unfold…



Would they see the dawn?

Or would they be devoured?

She could only hope and pray,

Covering the pit, she trudged back to  sea…



The gulls shrieked and cried,

And crabs moved around hungry,

Glossy, round and delicious,

Those eggs would be…



50 heads turned,

Not too far, in another pit,

Some eggs had hatched,

Tiny, tiny creatures made their way out…


Slipping and Sliding,

They made their first arduous journey,

Under menacing eyes from above,

500 m to the sea…



How many would make it?

Who would reach the waters?

Only time would tell,

The race to live began,



On the shores or in the seas,

A danger lurked…

Fifty mouths heaved a sigh as the first one got washed into the waters,

The night was alive; not all would make it, they knew…


Fifty pairs of feet turned around,

That was the truth,

That was how it was meant to be,

The circle of life…



Copyright © 2017, Smitha Vishwanath . All rights reserved.



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