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My First Guest Post – Where Banking and Blogging Crossed Paths- 152 likes in 2 days!

On June 6th, my first guest post got published on Mohamad Al Karbi’s site. It was definitely special after-all it was my first guest post! I was extremely apprehensive at first considering the topic I had been asked to write on. However, in 2 days, the post has received 81 likes  and has been re-blogged by Christian Mihai as well, where it’s got an additional 71 likes which according to me is great and that too on a topic that I wanted to keep as far away from my world of blogging. Mohamad of-course has higher expectations and thinks it should do better. Thanks Mohamad for that 🙂

Anyways, for all of those who haven’t had an opportunity to check it out, you can check out the post on any of the links below:


That’s all for now from me. Will write more over the weekend. Do let me know what you think of the post.



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  1. Congrats Smitha.. Nice see u writing blogs as Guest. Subject content was very useful especially for common users of credit cards. Loved it..


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