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Carpe Diem Tan Renga Weekend Challenge #1 – Raindrops

As part of the weekend challenge, had to write a  Squared Tan Renga. A Tan Renga is a Japanese form of poetry in which 2 stanzas are written. The first in 5-7-5 syllables and the second of 2 lines of 7 syllables each. The interesting thing about this poetry is that both stanzas are written by 2 different poets. We were given a stanza by Kobayashi Issa, one of the five greatest Haiku poets to which we had to add our own two-line stanza and the second one by Chèvrefeuille, the host of this challenge.



The first stanza by © Issa, the second in blue by me

three raindrops
a greeting card from heaven…
midsummer heat

tilted head, my lips apart,

one drop, grace my parched throat…Drop!

The second Haiku, part of the squared Tan Renga challenge by © Chèvrefeuille and the one in blue by me


picture by Louis Armstrong –

flying away
following the rainbow
into heaven

a treasure awaits beyond,

High, high, I fly, far from here…

Hopefully you enjoyed reading it as much as I did. Joining my stanza with another poet’s was an interesting experience.

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is the place to be if you like to write and share haiku, tanka or other Japanese poetry forms such as choka and kikobun. It’s a warmhearted family of haiku poets created by Chèvrefeuille, a Dutch haiku poet. Japanese poetry is the poetry of nature and it gives an impression of a moment as short as the sound of a pebble thrown into water.

Copyright©, 2017. All Rights Reserved.




  1. It’s not a surprise, now I know Smitha the quality of your writing.
    To get the rain drops on to throat through slightly parted lips.!!
    There’s no limit to imagination when it comes in the hands of perfect talent

    Liked by 1 person

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