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Carpe Diem #1254 Stairs of Nature

Wrote 4 stanzas using the Tanka form (5-7-5-7-7) for the challenge today. The picture given was a flight of stairs taken in Portugal. The picture brought back the memory of climbing similar steps in Monterosa (Cinqué Terra ) in Italy.

stairs of nature

Flight of stairs- by Jan

These mountain steps,

I wonder where they lead…

Moss covered rocks,

I tread, each step with care,

Puffing and panting, I mount…


What lies beyond this?

Breathless, a fleeting thought cuts…

What does my soul seek?

Past wild flowers- pink, yellow,

Green grass and fallen leaves…


Known roads, known faces,

Tiny specks from above…

I leave behind,

Eight and Four hundred steep stairs,

The sky white, the sea blue…


At the very top,

A chapel solo, quiet, still…

I before it,

Exhausted, exuberant,

At peace; content I stand…


The chapel on the top

Copyright©,2017. All Rights Reserved.


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