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Daily Prompt: Silence

The first poem I wrote on WordPress. 1 blogger liked it and I was thankful to him. I probably have come a long way since this first poem but it holds a special place in my heart…like all ‘firsts’ do. I hope you enjoy reading it.


via Daily Prompt: Silence

Away from the maddening crowd,

Far from the traffic so loud,

Away from demanding relations,

Far from binding expectations,

Standing at the shore,

I had wanted nothing more,

Gazing ahead at the horizon,

I had the battle won,

The air was still,

I had broken all ties at will,

Peace though, still at a distance,

Engulfing me was a deafening  silence,

Love, Friendship, Family I had lost

Freedom-my whole life had cost!


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    • Hello Ben,
      Thank you and Yes☺. It’s been a year since I started writing so got a pop-up reminder on fb of the poem. The poem didn’t seem so bad to get just 1 like 😀. Will check your post too.

      Liked by 1 person

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