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I am not sure when I changed!!!

A reminder for all moms out there not to forget themselves in the crazy chaos of raising kids. Reblogging this because moms need reminders too☺.

What Life said to Me


I’ve been thinking how and when I changed. 15 years ago, I was this fun and care free person. No, I never broke rules but I laughed more, shopped more, went out more and I had promised not to change…I have 2 daughters 14 and 12 and I certainly am not an obsessive mother.  I started out with doing my job as a mom and told myself never to let the ‘ mum’ syndrome get to me where all I would do is to worry about what my kids ate, what they did etc. I would let them grow and not be pushy about marks, competition and never compare. I would talk to them like equals.  In fact many of my friends called me the ‘practical mom’ .  While I felt, I had stuck to the agreed principle, 14 years down the line and I realize my girls had somehow silently…

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