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I’ll walk to the end of the earth with you

via Daily Prompt: Loyal


Dear Stranger,


I may be unfriendly,

You may find me distant,

I may be bossy,

You may find me arrogant…


I may be prudent,

You may find me doubting,

I may be upfront,

You may find me frustrating…


Little snippets here and there,

A story we write together,

One stitch at a time,  I’ll weave every tear-

A bond I’ll deftly make – every storm to weather…


A promise I’ll make, if I give you my trust,

It’ll be forever,

I’ll stand by you through your worst,

And make excuses when you waver…


If I give you my heart,

I’ll not look back; no matter the bend,

And if ever our paths, one day, do part,

I’ll wait for you at the journey’s end. ..



A loyal friend


Copyright ©,2017. All Rights Reserved.







  1. It was the greatest dedication I can experience…that too it was for a stranger…from a …to be friend….great…. I hope it ended with that…. I am still seeing words lying here and there after that….is it my system…that is showing me those pieces…?

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