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The Night’s My Refuge

Sharing one from the archives again for those who haven’t read it. Have a wonderful week ahead!

What Life said to Me

National Poetry Writing Challenge Day 17 to write a Nocturne. A nocturne is a composition to be played at night, usually for piano, with a tender, melancholy sort of sound. The nocturne should be able to translate this sensibility to poetic form.


My heart weighs a ton, the battle’s won,

The night is long, I await the sun,

I know not what tidings, ‘morrow shall bring,

Melancholy engulfs, the enemy crushed, yet my heart’s lost it’s zing…

The air is still, the road deserted,

My mind a frenzy, my thoughts distorted,

My peace threatened, I cannot breathe,

A longing deep, brews within and vows to seethe…

I rest my throbbing head, a forlorn tear escapes,

The moonlight pale, thro’ the skylight, gapes,

Shattering the darkness, a beam beholds,

And that one moment, a secret unfolds…

A gentle breeze blows, strokes me tenderly,

A night owl hoots, ” You cannot be lonely”,

I feel it’s presence, I see it’s shadow on the slab,

“The moon, the stars…

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  1. My friend, I’m so thankful to you for presenting it out to us again for no one should miss this poem♥️ how effortlessly the words flow, rhyming profoundly. And it was soothing to my nerves. Made me calm and relaxed.


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