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I See You On My Darkest Nights


My heart is heavy,

The air is still, in it the scent of the English ivy.

I cannot sleep, my mind’s a frenzy,

I know not what ‘morrow shall bring,

In the dark recesses, lies a secret untold,

Threatening to break free, the past unfold,

I feel a flutter, a brewing unease,

I toss, I turn, I freeze.

Not a sign of life or calming breeze,

Weariness creeps, it stifles, I cannot breathe,

A drunken stupor , trance. ‘Peace’- must I lease?

My eye-lids close, my troubles cease…


Sweeping fields before me lie; tulips- violet, burgundy, cream and white,

Amidst them, yellow silks, red bindi, your face soft; a heavenly sight

Stray tendrils, caress your cheek; calm me down; gentle sea-breeze in the night,

Kohl lined ebony eyes smile, “Its going to be alright.”

Stay! Don’t leave… my eyes shut tight

Alas! it’s gone…takes you too… the morning light

Golden rays echo your words; a bright new morn,

Blue skies, green grass, the flowers and birds; my woes begone,

A dreamer I ne’er was before, but now I am,

E’er since you’ve been gone.

Dreams bring you to life-

But… only on nights when my mind is in strife.

Winner of the Asian Literary Society Poetry Contest#12, 12052018

Copyright ©2018. All Rights Reserved.



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