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Holidays: Those That Lead Me Home- Unburden, Unleash, Unwind

Wrote this poem on the subject “Holidays” for a Competition hosted by Asian Literary Society and won the First Prize.


Not the days spent lazing, overlooking the Seine,
or the vineyards of Chianti, having food and wine,
Not the tip of Jungfrau, where heaven and earth align,
or the nights in the Wadi, gazing at stars shine,
Not the cruise at Ha Long where we dance and dine,
or the streets of Florence, shall make me pine,
Cobble-stone paths, blue-green seas, for breaks are fine
Maple leaves fallen, snow- flakes drizzling… I opine;
cannot steal me, from that which is truly mine.

Swaying coconut palms, gurgling streams,
Rain-drops on leaves, glistening; ripples on puddles gleams,
Carpet of green – light, dark, shades in between,
Smell of the earth after the rains… all washed clean,
Men in white “mundus” tied up to the waist,
Sounds of the mother-tongue –sweet; spoken in haste,
A peace, a quiet, a serenity seeps…
Am home! My caged heart frees.

The unknown enchants; the curious mind quenches,
The known fulfills; the drained spirit drenches,
Roots beckon. Holidays those, that lead me home…


Note: ‘Mundu’ is a garment tied around the waist by men in Mangalore (Karnataka), Kerala and Maldives islands. Its similar to dhoti, sarong and lungi.

Copyright©2018. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Dear Smitha, your longing for home is so beautiful! I loved the opening paragraph where all the luxury, scenic beauty and marvels of this world cannot match to the comfort of sweet home. I am taken aback by your definition (that will need me to explain – later) of home but I am so so happy for you too. The pictures remind me of my days at home during all those monsoon days with gurgling streams, brimming wells and all the lush greenery. Loved it, enjoyed it -so very much.


    • Thank you so very much Andrea. Winning it was a great motivator but receiving a compliment from a literary genius like you is the cherry on the top. I am so glad you found it good too😊. Xxx

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