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Happiness Is…


A walk at dawn, a chill in the air,
A “Good Morning,” here, a “Hello” there.
The rising sun, swaying petals, singing birds,
Nodding fox-tails… a few kind words.

It’s the sound of laughter that wraps the heart,
Smell of brewing coffee, baked bread and tart,
Glow of candles, in the dark,
Warm water baths, dew-kissed grass in the park…

Happiness is, a home filled with love; safe and secure,
Standing at the altar; hopeful, free and pure,
Snugly tucked in a blanket; downy, soft and warm,
Standing afloat strong, in the eye of a storm…

It’s the tranquility, in the silence of the night-
A sparkle in the eyes, that shine and light.
The making of peace with the sky and the earth,
Of being one with them all, and finding no dearth…

Happiness is…
Contentment and love; for all that will be and is.

Food for thought: What does happiness mean to you? Have you given it a thought? If you haven’t, think about it now. What is it makes your soul smile? Write it down…all the little things and the big things. Then work backwards to do the things that give you real happiness. A principle advocated by many life-coaches. It actually works.

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    • I just felt ‘happy’ writing it. So, I’m so glad you found it uplifting too. Felt it, smelt it, touched it as I wrote it and felt lighter just like receiving your comments. Thank you Andrea!

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