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Three Butterflies

Wrote the below poem for the prompt “Butterflies”

With heavy heart and tired feet,

I lower myself on the garden’s wooden seat.

Skies gray, vacant eyes and throbbing head,

Cluttered mind, is filled with dread.


A squirrel scurries, I gaze ahead; silent, in its direction,

Pondering wistfully, adrift; a delightful distraction.

Ethereal creatures that before me danced,

Jived and waltzed, skipped and pranced.


To the rustling of leaves, the hum of the breeze, a celestial beat.

Such enthralling grace, no mean feat!

I behold enraptured, the dainty three-

Skirting on petals, so light, so carefree…


Velvety, speckled wings, maiden’s eyelids fluttering,

Drunk on nectar, swiftly gliding, shenanigans frolicking.

What hand did mould this delicate being?

Troubles forgotten, my heart rejoiced on seeing.


Yellow, white, black with blue, three orphic butterflies,

Hope, Divinity, Joy… colored my world, before my eyes.

I watch awhile, then rise anew,

Strength and faith in every sinew.


“I will survive! I will survive!” I know now why.

The journey arduous, from caterpillar to butterfly…

One day then, I too shall flit and fly,

A lesson I learnt from that mystical butterfly.


I dedicate the above poem to my mom-in-law whose eyes never fail to light up with child-like wonder at the sight of these dainty creatures in her garden. And truth be told, these frequent visitors are her constant companions.
This ability of hers, not to take for granted  what is her everyday life but to appreciate the beauty of it each time like its the first time, leaves me in awe of her
As I write this poem, I see in my mind’s eye, the dainty butterflies, the flowers and my mom-in-law’s smile which make her eyes twinkle and all of it merges into one big, beautiful picture. She is one with them – light-hearted, fun and warm.
To be able to wonder and feel joy at the sight of a blooming bud or a migrating bird or the first rain, when your hair is all grey is the mark of beautiful soul, that hasn’t allowed the child within to die.

Copyright© All Rights Reserved.


  1. I never fail to be cheered by a butterfly. I think in this poem you’ve expressed the healing power of nature as well using the metaphor of the caterpillar’s transformation to highlight the journey of life.


    • I’m not surprised :). Your writing shows your love for every aspect of nature and it helps us, the readers to look a little more closely and fall in love with it too. Yes…the caterpillar stage cannot be very easy…just like life, right? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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