This is a little about me. I could be called “The Bored Banker”. With more than 18 years of banking behind me, it’s safe to say that I am probably good at what I do or have become good at it over the years. I have tried different paths but always ended up on the road to banking. So guess, it was meant to be and there’s no point fighting it

But this blog is not about Banking. I’d like to believe that banking is one aspect of my life; not “my life”! This blog is about life, my experiences through my travels, observations and interacting with people of different nationalities.

If you like reading “real life” stuff, then that’s exactly what my blogs are about. They are about everyday life and easy to relate to. While I love Shakespeare and love good vocabulary, my blogs are simple. Note,if you like fiction, then this site is not for you!

risk-articleWhy I started a blog? Well, like someone rightly said, till 40 you are learning. It’s only after 40 you start living; so here I am, finally doing what I enjoy most- writing. I invariably do write a tip – on travelling or parenting or just life… If you hate advice, hate tips, then please overlook the tip section. It’s just that while I do believe everybody needs to travel their journey and learn on the way, it’s always good to learn from others’ experiences, so that the journey becomes easier.


I love my life, my family, my kids, reading, writing, food, people in general and travelling and I am grateful for all this and more…I believe in a Supreme force which connects us and which controls what happens to us.

I am an optimist and hate negativity of any kind.

Enough about me now…

I would love to hear your feedback on my blogs, so please do not hesitate to write your comments.





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  2. I can relate to your sentiment that “I’d like to believe that banking is one aspect of my life; not “my life”!” Being a Soldier is what I have done for several years, but it is not necessarily who I am. For too long I let it be that way and I fully identified with the Army. I never separated the Army from Bryan. Now, there is the career I work 40 hours every week, and the poet who I am full-time.

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    • Thank you for visiting my blog. I am happy you could relate to it and am happier that you shared how you felt. 😊. Being a poet must be relaxing for someone who has to work in such a fixed discipline as the army. I find writing a relief.

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