A little about me for whoever found their way here deliberately or stumbled upon this page.  It wouldn’t be wrong to call me “The Bored Banker”. With 20 years of banking behind me, it’s safe to say that I am either naturally good at what I do or have become good at it, over the  last 2 decades. The door to banking was open when I finished university and I walked straight through it with the determination to make the most of the opportunity given to me. That’s the motto of my life “Make lemonade when life hands you lemons”.

It took me some years, actually 14, to realize that banking which had consumed a large part of my adult life was just one aspect of my life; it was not “My Life”!

This realization was the beginning of a new journey and that’s when I created this blog in 2012! But with no clue about blogging, I started writing only 4 years later. I dabbled with art and sketching during the interim but soon realized that art was hard work and one had to clean-up after every sitting. Enjoyed it but never learnt the art of cleaning my paint-brushes.  Blogging on the other hand did not require any cleaning up :).

“Silver Linings” as this blog was initially named  because I believed in seeing the positive in daily experiences and sharing it with the world.This blog was renamed on 7/11/2017 as “What Life said to Me”. To know why I changed it, you would need to read my post : We have a new name!

Am I Great at Writing? Have I studied Literature in University?

An Emphatic No!

I have never written professionally. I have never won a writing competition but my mother like all doting mothers believed her daughter could write and she made no secret of it; much to my chagrin.  There was absolutely no point in telling her that I had no idea about grammar or that I really did not have the “stuff” that writers’ have.

However, as the rules of writing have changed over the years and writing does not require one to be as eloquent as the days of the Classics, I finally decided to give it a try,  and in August 2016 thanks to push from my father-in-law, I started blogging.

risk-articleWhy this blog? Simply because it allows me to do what I love most -Write!

Like someone rightly said, till 40 you are learning. It’s only after 40 you start living; so here I am, finally doing what I enjoy most.  Hopefully you enjoy reading my posts. Hopefully it brings back memories. Hopefully it makes you smile, it makes you think and sets your day rolling.


About me as a person:

I am just another person,  who is grateful to be alive.

I hope you enjoy reading my writing. Do share your feedback on my posts, through the comment section because  I love receiving  comments.

Have a great day!




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  2. I can relate to your sentiment that “I’d like to believe that banking is one aspect of my life; not “my life”!” Being a Soldier is what I have done for several years, but it is not necessarily who I am. For too long I let it be that way and I fully identified with the Army. I never separated the Army from Bryan. Now, there is the career I work 40 hours every week, and the poet who I am full-time.

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    • Thank you for visiting my blog. I am happy you could relate to it and am happier that you shared how you felt. 😊. Being a poet must be relaxing for someone who has to work in such a fixed discipline as the army. I find writing a relief.

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