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Category: Experiences

Poems, Write-ups based on everyday experiences

Make those Resolutions in December

New Year is just around the corner. Come Jan 2nd, everybody is going to be wishing everybody a very Happy New Year and then laugh and ask  if you’ve made […]

The Appraisal

It’s that time of the year when emotions are running high in the workplace. The “cream performers” are waiting to take a decision to carry on or move on based on […]

Et tu brute!

Remember who said these words… Roman Emperor Julius Caeser  When : his most trusted friend, Brutus, stabbed him to death.  TO: Brutus Did you ever feel like saying it? Did […]

This Far…No Further…Say “NO”

This post is not for you if you are an under-performer at work. This post is not for those of you who can conveniently say “No” without a second thought, be it […]