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Category: Experiences

Poems, Write-ups based on everyday experiences

This Far…No Further…Say “NO”

This post is not for you if you are an under-performer at work. This post is not for those of you who can conveniently say “No” without a second thought, be it […]

Shut out of my blog!

I am a weekly blogger and I generally write on every Friday which is the weekend in my part of the world. As much as I would love to write […]

Daily Prompt: Flames

via Daily Prompt: Flames FLAMES: the first thought that came to my mind was every teenager’s rage- Taylor Swift’s song ” Blank Space” and my girls screaming their lungs out in unison […]


This may be the strangest topic to write on. Many may not even have given it a thought. Those that have been used to cooking on fire using the gas […]