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Category: Experiences

Poems, Write-ups based on everyday experiences

The ‘Doubt’ Termite

  via Daily Prompt: Doubt See it approaching, Go, Go, Keep going, Eerily watching, Silently preying,   Come to stay, Turn, Turn, Turn away, Keep it at bay, Or risk decay…   Slowly conspiring, Not leaving, […]


via Daily Prompt: Hesitate Want to ask a question, Look around… And hesitate – What if …?   Want to dance, want to sing, Look around… And hesitate – What […]

Expectation Reduces Joy

via Daily Prompt: Expectation 3 Simple Words – Expectation Reduces Joy Today’s prompt reminded me of this one-off statement during a management training program I had in college. I can’t […]

It’s all about “GUTS”!

  Do you have the “GUTS”? How often have you heard this? How often have you said, ” Damn, I wish had the guts to do this”. Be it going […]