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Category: My diary

I buried what we had

via Daily Prompt: Bury Over life’s journey we meet people, some become friends, some remain strangers , some friends become strangers and some strangers become friends. Some take the journey […]

All’s Well That’s Ends Well!

While my blogs are generally featured around a theme or a thought that’s crossed my mind during the week, this one is simply about the past week. I suffered from […]

Spirituality Versus Religion

  Recently, when a friend of mine told me that she had raised it as a topic of discussion at a ladies’ get-together,  I felt the topic was worth pondering upon, especially […]

Expectation Reduces Joy

via Daily Prompt: Expectation 3 Simple Words – Expectation Reduces Joy Today’s prompt reminded me of this one-off statement during a management training program I had in college. I can’t […]

It’s all about “GUTS”!

  Do you have the “GUTS”? How often have you heard this? How often have you said, ” Damn, I wish had the guts to do this”. Be it going […]

The Shopaholic’s NIGHTMARE

via Daily Prompt: Resist Last weekend, we decided to go to the mall. It was the last day of the shopping festival. There were huge discounts and it made sense […]

Yellow brings your memories…

via Daily Prompt: Yellow   Your favourite colour, The colour of the glowing sun, The colour of daisies, fluttering in the breeze.   Dressed in silks and cottons, Different shades of the […]

TEN Things I learnt by WATCHING Dad!

via Daily Prompt: Ten The moment I read the prompt “Ten”today, a number of lists of ten sprung to my mind- ‘the ten things that I am immensely grateful for’, ‘ten […]

Make those Resolutions in December

New Year is just around the corner. Come Jan 2nd, everybody is going to be wishing everybody a very Happy New Year and then laugh and ask  if you’ve made […]

The Appraisal

It’s that time of the year when emotions are running high in the workplace. The “cream performers” are waiting to take a decision to carry on or move on based on […]

Nostalgia -Going Back to the Roots…

Mangalore is a coastal city in the southwest of India. Coconut trees, paddy fields, buffalo races, temples, beaches, a life that moves at it’s own pace is what makes this place […]

Just Want To Be Me

via Daily Prompt: Pretend This poem is for people in stifling relations, for people bound by love and for people who are trying so hard to live upto somebody else’s […]