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Category: Poetry

Carpe Diem #1323 Serenity…Key to Success

The quote provided for today’s Carpe Diem Challenge is from Paulo Coelho’s novel “The Witch Of Portobello”. The quote for today points to the skill of calligraphy. In ancient Japan […]

Carpe Diem #1321 Miracles

As part of the Haiku challenge, this week, we were given a quote from Paulo Coelho’s novel, “The Zahir”. The Zahir means ‘the obvious’ or ‘conspicuous’ in Arabic. Our goal today […]

Carpe-Diem #1317- Wherever your heart is…

Hi All, There’s no way I’m going to miss taking part in this month’s Carpe-Diem Haiku Kai because Chèvrefeuille is basing it on quotes from Paulo Coelho’s novels. Sounds interesting? […]