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Category: Poetry

Stop Glaring!

via Daily Prompt: Glaring With news about women in India being unsafe, making the headlines, this poem takes it’s root. While the government continually comes under attack for it’s apathy […]

I buried what we had

via Daily Prompt: Bury Over life’s journey we meet people, some become friends, some remain strangers , some friends become strangers and some strangers become friends. Some take the journey […]

Sweet, Spicy, Tangy- Life

via Daily Prompt: Spicy Today’s prompt was spicy. Here’s my take on it. I have a story for you today, One that’s sweet and a little spicy too, One that will make your […]

Indelible Impressions…

via Daily Prompt: Impression Wrote a Senryu poem on the prompt “Impression”. A Senryu like a Haiku follows 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables but focuses on humans and not on nature.   […]

Shimmer & Shine… A Tanka Poem

via Daily Prompt: Shimmer  Wrote a Tanka  on today’s prompt based on a street in Dubai. The pretty white lights adorning the trees are mesmerizing. There’s something magical and romantic about walking […]

The Sounds of the Countryside

Daily Prompt : Symphony This poem is based on a place called Nellayi, in Thrissur district, in Kerala (a state on the western coast of India), where my in-laws’ stay. […]

The Last of Goa…

Before I begin, I apologize for delaying this post but I have been travelling and I just couldn’t find the time to write it. So here it is, the last […]

Thirteen Different Smiles…

On Day 6 of the NaPoWriMo Challenge I had written a poem on thirteen ways of looking at the rain. NaPoWriMo: Day 6 – Thirteen Ways of looking at the Rain […]

Time to go Home

As much as I love the land that I have lived in for almost my entire life, come June and l long for something more. A longing that reminds me […]

When did we grow apart…

Sometimes hearts grow apart. You stay together, you do things together, you love each other more out of habit and out of comfort and life goes on. You don’t think […]

Lantern Poem : One Life. Live it Well!

Wrote a Lantern poem which is a Japanese style. It’s a Haiku poem written in 5 lines which follows the syllable structure of one- two-three-four-one syllable per line and each stanza […]