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Category: Poetry

3/3 : Tell Them. Show Them

This is the third poem in the series on mental awareness. To read the previous 2, please click on the links below this poem. While its’ not easy being around […]

2/3 : To You I Want to Say

This is the second poem in the series of poems I have written for mental health awareness. To read the first, you can click on the link 1/3 :This Feeling The […]

Book Review: Roads A Journey With Verses

Received this lovely review from fellow blogger Kurian on my first poetry book – ‘Roads – A Journey with Verses’. Thank you Kurian for picking up the book and taking […]

The Woods

  A piece of fenced, green wilderness lies beside my house. A path of stones has been laid  for those who wish to walk. It goes up and down and around […]