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Category: Poetry

Poems based on nature, love, relationships and everyday life. I see poetry in everything. Welcome to a world of magic.

Old, Ordinary, “OR”

via Daily Prompt: Or Got the daily prompt today- ‘OR’. Strange at first I thought, but this is what sprung out of it…a poem around the insignificant, simple, seemingly petty […]

Holding on …keeps me alive

I had written this poem when I lost my mother, 10 years ago. A friend asked me to post it and so I have. Someone told me then, time is the best […]

A Mother’s Promise

via Daily Prompt: Promises I started this poem when my children were little when one was three and the other was one…I have completed it now while they are in their teens […]

The Speaker’s Ordeal…

via Daily Prompt: Dilemma This poem is for anybody frightened of public speaking. Preparation, Practise, Perseverance is what all good speakers do. You can too!!!   The room is full, the […]