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Category: Travel

Carpe Diem #1253 : A Thousand Candles

Seeing the picture provided today as part of Carpe-Diem challenge, brought back a vivid memory of a little girl I had seen on the street, in Hoi An, Vietnam. Have […]

The Last of Goa…

Before I begin, I apologize for delaying this post but I have been travelling and I just couldn’t find the time to write it. So here it is, the last […]

Reposting…Vietnam Diaries 6

I am not sure what happened but seems like my post on Vietnam Diaries 6, could not be viewed. While I kept fretting over the weekend and wondering why I […]

Jordan…Eat, Explore, Escape to…

Jordan was the last destination that I thought I would choose to travel to because I knew of it as a hub for medical tourism but hadn’t really heard of […]

Robbed in Rome!

Getting out of the Termini station at Rome, I had an uneasy feeling. Something about the place. I am not sure what it is. I can’t actually say it’s this […]

Cinque Terra, Italy

“Cinque” meaning 5 and “Terra” meaning land- 5 lands is a tour of 5 villages nestled on the mountains alongside the Mediterranean sea , a treat for the eye, a hiker’s […]