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Category: Writing

NaPoWriMo: Day 12 – Peas in a Pod

Today’s National Poetry Writing Challenge was to write a poem that explicitly incorporates alliteration (the use of repeated consonant sounds) and assonance (the use of repeated vowel sounds). On a […]

To my dear readers and fellow bloggers,

It’s just 5 days since the NaPoWriMo challenge began and I have been churning poems (good, bad, ugly) on a daily basis as required. While doing so, I am extremely grateful […]

NaPoWriMo : Day 2 – The Patch of Grass

My first attempt at Haiku/Haibun My office faces the desert so there isn’t much to see, other than endless sand dunes and a few shrubs that grow against all odds. Everyday, […]

All’s Well That’s Ends Well!

While my blogs are generally featured around a theme or a thought that’s crossed my mind during the week, this one is simply about the past week. I suffered from […]

Spirituality Versus Religion

  Recently, when a friend of mine told me that she had raised it as a topic of discussion at a ladies’ get-together,  I felt the topic was worth pondering upon, especially […]

Expectation Reduces Joy

via Daily Prompt: Expectation 3 Simple Words – Expectation Reduces Joy Today’s prompt reminded me of this one-off statement during a management training program I had in college. I can’t […]

The Shopaholic’s NIGHTMARE

via Daily Prompt: Resist Last weekend, we decided to go to the mall. It was the last day of the shopping festival. There were huge discounts and it made sense […]

The Appraisal

It’s that time of the year when emotions are running high in the workplace. The “cream performers” are waiting to take a decision to carry on or move on based on […]

This Far…No Further…Say “NO”

This post is not for you if you are an under-performer at work. This post is not for those of you who can conveniently say “No” without a second thought, be it […]

Shut out of my blog!

I am a weekly blogger and I generally write on every Friday which is the weekend in my part of the world. As much as I would love to write […]

Daily Prompt: Flames

via Daily Prompt: Flames FLAMES: the first thought that came to my mind was every teenager’s rage- Taylor Swift’s song ” Blank Space” and my girls screaming their lungs out in unison […]


This may be the strangest topic to write on. Many may not even have given it a thought. Those that have been used to cooking on fire using the gas […]