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Tag: #beauty

Floating angels

Wrote this poem based on a view from the flight window   Over the clouds we fly Higher and higher we soar Far, far away – you and I Where? […]

She was the poem

This poem was long awaiting to be written. Its based on someone I saw during my morning walks, one and a half years’ ago. I used to see her everyday […]

Quote 6/2019 : Creativity

I am amazed at the beauty of language as I am amazed at creation itself. Alphabets are to chromosomes as words are to genes maybe. Different combinations, different permutations and […]

Happiness Is…

  A walk at dawn, a chill in the air A “Good Morning,” here, a “Hello” there The rising sun, swaying petals, singing birds Nodding fox-tails… a few kind words. […]

Dewdrop- The Love of the Wind

Won the Certificate of Outstanding Performance for the poem below from Asian Literary Society. Sometimes you hope to win, sometimes you just know you just must. At the cost of […]