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Tag: #leadership

The Notice Period

Next week is going to be my last week in the office and honestly I couldn’t have asked for anything else. To make it special, I sent around a diary […]

To Be A Great King One Must Be A Lion

Once there was a lion, really bold, Followed by jackals and hyenas, eyes slit and hearts cold, They said they loved him; I am told, Listen ye’ and listen all, […]

I Don’t Know.

Are you able to say “I don’t know” when you are not sure of something without any sense of shame, guilt, embarrassment or thinking of the repercussions¬†( this does not […]

Criticism- Constructive or Damaging

As bosses, parents, teachers, we tend to forget that we were once at the receiving end and through mistakes we learnt and grew. Let's ape those who shaped us to become confident and successful and not those who through negative criticism broke us!