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Tag: #life

In an unknown land

    In an unknown land I ,a stranger Walked in Eager   In an unknown land I, a stranger Believed Cherished   In an unknown land I, a stranger […]

What do we really want for our children?

It’s that time of the year in India, when you find students pouring over their books, papers, laptops. I see them with their noses dipped at the building gates awaiting […]

The Numerologist

              ‘Number 9?!’ she said, a frown on her face Twirling the edge of her frayed lace She clicked her tongue and pinched her […]

I have the flu!

Its cold outside But its colder inside My bones creak I feel weak The cold’s in my head I can’t get out of bed My nose is stuffed My eyes […]

Daddy’s little girl

When she could stay with you she decided not to A list of ‘valid’ reasons she gave – No better place, save The home for the aged, she said The […]

How much is ‘too’ much?

Is it too much to expect You- to listen to what I have to say? When you share every dream and fear with me Is it too much to expect […]

I’m sore! I can write no more!

  My shoulders are aching And so is my skull. I’m lying on the bed With my hands behind my head.   My neck feels like its gonna give away […]

Two yellow bracelets

I have two yellow bracelets One falls loosely over the wrist Big yellow crystals, in a gold band The other is a clasp Smaller stones – yellow crystals, embedded in […]


Don’t tell me you’ve never fallen Or ever felt broken? Haven’t we all, at some time? Some a wee bit; others’ a wee bit more. The cracks – they’re there […]

2020 is here!

Wishing all my readers a very Happy 2020! I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. And I do hope the wishes for a good […]

Mamma, stay strong

I wrote this poem on a one of those ‘bad mamma’ days. I did not publish it then. Today, as I read it, I  think of the nation- Does Mother […]

I need to talk

A hollow feeling A silence gnawing An emptiness A loneliness I need to talk- But to who?   The lift man perhaps, who wishes me- On my way out at […]

A writer’s lament

    Oh! They torment me so these words – that fly before my eyes, like birds the din they create -flapping their sturdy wing As I watch- away they […]

Goa – All Girls’ Trip

Of the 10 girls’ in our MBA class, 5 said ‘Yes’ to the proposition. This was 3 months ago. The other 5, like most people, had reasons that did not […]